For a smooth transaction, please update your User Details and Social Profile links in the customer portal. It helps ensure a seamless experience.

Let’s start by clicking this LINK and logging in to the customer portal.

For User Details:

  1. On the Dashboard, click User Details on the left-hand side of your page
  2. Fill out all the details in User Information
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Upload an Avatar
  3. Fill out all the details in Branding Information
    • Brokerage, team, or office name
    • Website
    • License number
    • Upload Logo

Update Branding Information in the Launch App

Within the customer portal, two methods are available for placing an order: either by completing the order form on the portal's welcome page or by logging in and placing an order directly within the portal.

Let’s start by clicking this LINK and following the step-by-step guide found on this LINK .

Let’s start by clicking this LINK and logging in to the customer portal and following the steps ahead.

  1. Log in to your account. Click on I have an account (Login with your email and password).
  2. Enter your registered email address and log in to your account.
  3. Click Orders on the left-hand side of your page. You should be able to view all previous orders.
  4. Click View on any order to open it and view the order details.

For rescheduling an appointment, let’s start by clicking this LINK and logging in to the customer portal.

To make changes to a scheduled appointment, simply locate the "Cancel or Reschedule Appointment" button found on the Appointment information card within your Order.

Clicking the "Reschedule" button will take you to a dedicated calendar page where you can select a new appointment date and time-based on the photographer's availability.

After confirming the new appointment details, you'll receive a notification email confirming the rescheduled appointment. This email also lets you easily add the updated appointment to your calendar.

Download Order Invoice
You can now quickly get your Order Invoices as PDFs. Look for the new button "Download Invoice" in the Order sidebar – it's there for convenience.



You'll go to a new page when you click the "Download Invoice" button. You can review, download, or print the order invoice details here. You'll find the download or print options at the top of the page.



You can also download orders from the public invoice summary page and the Listing Download Center. This makes things smoother and more organized for your order invoices for both you and your team.



You'll receive an email notification when we've delivered the content via Aryeo. In the email, you'll find a link to the Download Center for the specific listing, where you can access all shared content like images, videos, 3D Tours, and property websites.

Just click the Download button in the top right corner of the screen to download all the content quickly. Use the pop-up menu to choose the content you want. If you want to download a different type of content later, you can always return to this page.

Your downloaded content will arrive as a zip file in the folder where your online downloads are usually saved. To see the content, unzip the file and open the new folder.


Property Websites


If you only need to get the link to the property website, go to the Property Websites section in the header image.


Here, you can copy both the branded and unbranded versions of the property website without downloading anything. These links are great for promoting on social media – just copy and paste the link as usual.


Download a Single Image


If you want to download a single image instead of the entire set from a listing, here's how you can do it:

  1. Open the download center for the specific listing you want to get an image from.
  2. Scroll down until you find the individual images.
  3. Below each image, you'll see the choice to download either the print-quality or web-quality version of the image.
  4. Just click on the version you prefer to download.


Custom Size Images for Download

Image Sizes

The original image size uploaded by us, the photographer, will be available for download as "print" quality images.

Aryeo automatically resizes them to a size suitable for most MLS systems, which is 2048 x 1536 pixels. If your local MLS needs different image sizes, you can use Aryeo's custom image sizing feature. Open a listing in the download center, go to the images section, and use the dropdown to input your preferred dimensions.

Remember to uncheck the Print Quality and Web / MLS Quality options, and then select the box next to Custom Sized Images to download the custom image set. After you've entered the correct image size dimensions, click the Download Images option.

Trouble Downloading?

If you run into any other issues with downloading, feel free to contact our team at We're here to assist!


Custom Property Name

You can use the custom property name feature to replace the displayed address with an alternate address or a catchy tagline like "Just Listed."

To modify the listing name on the property website:

  1. Expand the property details section.
  2. Enter your desired text.
  3. Click the "Update Property Details" button at the bottom of the section/page.

You can then see the changes on the website. The custom property name will appear on the Navigation bar at the top left corner of the property website.

Edit Property Website

This guide provides an overview of the various ways to customize your property website.

To begin, navigate to the listing page for your property and scroll down to the Property Websites tab. Click on the Editor button.

Within the Editor, you can edit and format your property website according to your preferences.

In the Settings tab, you can customize your website's theme, font, colors, and SEO settings. You can choose from preset themes or create your own.

In the Sections tab, you can edit content sections on your website by clicking on them. You can rearrange sections by dragging them in the sidebar.

On the right side of the screen, you can preview your website's appearance for both branded and unbranded versions on mobile and desktop. When you're done designing your property site, click "Save and Exit" in the top right corner to apply your changes.


Purchasing a Custom Listing Domain through Aryeo

Custom property listing domains are a powerful tool for agents to boost property marketing and exposure.

In the Property Websites section, click the "Domains" button to associate any domain with a listing. You can modify the suggested domain based on the listing's address.

A Custom Listing Domain typically costs $15, but prices may vary. To buy a domain, click "Check Domain" and select "Purchase" at the bottom.

Please note that the domain cost will be deducted from your credit balance, with each credit equal to $1.

Once acquired, the chosen domain will automatically be the listing default within minutes. No manual adjustments to domain DNS settings or CNAME records are necessary.

Is there an expiration date for Domain Listings?

The domain you purchase is typically valid for one year. Should you wish to extend the domain listing, renewal can be done before or within a month from expiration.


Property Website Analytics

Property Website Analytics offers valuable insights into your website's reach with you and your customers. To access it, log in to the portal, go to the listing page, find the property website section, and click the dropdown arrow. Then, click "View All Listing Stats."

Upon clicking this button, a new page will open, presenting you with a comprehensive display of all statistics related to your property website.

A button at the top right corner allows you to select a specific date range. This feature lets you focus on the precise analytics data you want.

The Analytics page furnishes you with various data points, including:

  • Site Uniques: Total number of unique visitors to the site
  • Site Views: Overall number of times the site has been viewed
  • Average Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of visitors who leave immediately after arriving on a page
  • Current Visitors: Indicates if someone is currently viewing the site

As you scroll down...


Towards the bottom of the page, you'll encounter additional statistics, such as:

  • Content: Areas of the website the customers explored
  • Referrers: Other websites that visitors of the property website are arriving from
  • Device Type
  • Browser
  • Country

Feel free to access an analytics page for any of your active websites to explore and analyze the statistics available!


Adding Music to a Property Website

Adding music to your property website is easy. Go to the property's listing page, scroll down to the Property Websites section, and click the red "Editor" button.

Once the Editor opens up, scroll down the sections menu on the left-hand side until you come across the Music section.

In the Music section, select your music from the dropdown menu and save your choice. By default, the music will loop on the page without further settings.

You can also upload your music. Choose "Custom," pick your desired song, and add the music file.

Simply click save, and you're done! You'll see a music icon in the lower right-hand corner of the property website, which you can use to toggle the music on and off.

Enjoy the music!

Facebook Pixel ID

To track user behavior on your website, integrate the Facebook pixel if you can access your website's code. In the Property Website Editor for your listing, go to SEO Settings, input the Facebook pixel base code in the Facebook Pixel ID field, and save your changes.


Marketing Center

Collaborate with your team to craft personalized listing marketing materials using the platform’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Design a range of materials, including flyers, postcards, digital ads, and social media posts, among others!


Select from a wide range of customizable templates to achieve the desired look for your marketing content. Use pre-uploaded content to speed up the creation of marketing materials.



To begin, choose your desired marketing material type and template for customization. It will open in the Marketing Materials Builder, where you can make further adjustments.

Listing details are automatically included in the material, saving you from manual input. This includes agent name, contact details, listing address, property specifics, and more, seamlessly integrated into the template.


In the builder, you can try different templates, add content, change fonts, add text sections, use shapes and icons, resize images, and explore various creative options.


Sharing Videos on Facebook

Facebook videos garner the most engagement on the platform compared to other content. Using video marketing in real estate can distinguish you from other realtors, build connections with potential buyers and sellers, and boost property sales.

Let's explore how to use listing videos on Facebook. First, it's essential to understand the available video formats. Video performance differs between sharing a video link and uploading a native video (mp4 or .mov). Both are acceptable, but native videos provide a better viewer experience.

Additional context:


Native video is content uploaded or created directly on a social network and played within the platform's feed. On Facebook, a native video is uploaded directly to the platform and automatically plays in the viewer's feed, offering the best viewing experience.

Consider this example:


Sharing a link from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo is another approach to promoting your video on Facebook. This involves copying and pasting a video link into a new Facebook post. A shared link displays a play button, but clicking it redirects users to a different page.

See the example below:


Native video provides a seamless user experience without extra clicks or new windows. This makes the content more engaging and less intrusive in users' news feeds.


Step 1:

Find the listing with the video in the portal. Open the listing and click "Download" in the top right corner. Choose "Download Center" from the pop-up, then select "Videos" at the top. Click "Download Videos" to start your download.


Step 2:

The downloaded content will arrive as a zip file in your designated online downloads folder. Unzip the file and open the newly created folder. In the example below, you'll notice two distinct file types indicating the video format we delivered.

The video on the left is a .mp4 file suitable for direct upload to Facebook, ensuring the best viewing experience. The video on the right is a link sourced from Vimeo or YouTube. Although it can't be directly uploaded to Facebook, you can copy and paste the link from the download center into a new Facebook post to share the video.

Step 3:

Head over to Facebook and craft a New Post. Upload the file or insert the link into the post, add a description, and share away!



Enhance the visibility of your active listing by sharing the Branded property website on social media!

Branded property websites provide a unified platform where all listing media, including Images, Videos, 3D Tours, Floor Plans, and the Contact Form, can be conveniently accessed.

Aryeo simplifies sharing the Branded Property Website directly to your social media profiles. To get started, navigate to your listing page.

To share the property website on social media, click the icons atop the listing page's image banner.

Upon clicking the plus sign icon, you can post across various platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

Here's an example of what you can expect to encounter:


Share Images and Videos on Social Channels

Once we have delivered the new listing content to Aryeo, you can access the Download Center to retrieve all published content, including images, videos, 3D Tours, and property websites for the listing.

Explore the Download Center

Before we continue, let's examine the Download Center's contents. Aryeo customizes a download center for each property, allowing easy preview and download without requiring a login.


Each type of asset or content has its dedicated section for previewing and downloading onto your desktop. We, as your provider, ensure that we upload the highest resolution images and videos, which Aryeo will then automatically resize for MLS compatibility.


Sharing Images

For the best results on social media, download and use the PRINT Quality Images. They have higher resolution and enhance the visual appeal when marketing properties.

If you want to download only a few photos for a single social media post, no problem! Scroll down to find the option to download individual assets in either Print or Web-quality format, as shown below.


Sharing Videos

If your listing features a video, there are a couple of ways to share it on social media. Let's explore both options below.

Copy Video Link

This is the simplest and recommended choice for videos initially uploaded from platforms like Vimeo or YouTube. Just copy the video link from the download center and paste it into a fresh post on Facebook.

Upload Video Files

Video files such as .mp4 or .mov can be directly downloaded from the download center and then natively uploaded to new posts on Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn if you market there!

Opening a Zip File 

Once you've visited the Download Center for your property, your files will be saved to your computer in a Zip file. 

If you're using a Windows operating system, follow these straightforward steps to access your files.

After clicking the download button for the desired content, open your File Explorer. Locate the Zip folder marked with the property address.

To extract the entire folder, right-click and choose "Extract All." Then, follow the prompts provided by your computer.

For unzipping a single file, double-click to open the zipped folder. Simply drag the item to a new location on your computer.


If you're on a Mac computer, follow these steps:

Upon selecting to download a zip file, it will begin loading at the bottom of the page. You can then click on it to open it in your downloads.

This will reveal a sub-folder containing all images, files, websites, and other downloaded content. You can drag the file to your Photos app or transfer it to another location like a disc, USB, etc. for safekeeping.

Update Property Details

Improving property details in a listing is a smart way to provide comprehensive information and speed up the sale. To enhance the primary property details of a listing, go to the listing and expand the Property Details section.


Property Status

You can update the property status right here. Choose the status from a dropdown menu of options. Remember to hit the Save Status button once you've set this field. The available property status options are:

  • Draft
  • Coming Soon
  • For Sale
  • For Lease
  • Pending Sale
  • Pending Lease
  • Sold
  • Leased
  • Off Market


Main Details

Update the main property details in this section or simply click the Autocomplete Details button, which will endeavor to auto-populate the property's particulars. Aryeo will automatically retrieve available records from the local county, if possible!

Note: Not every property may have accessible records, but don't worry – you can still input the information manually!


Provide property details such as Property Price, MLS #, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Home Sq. Ft., Lot Acres, Parking Spots, Year Built, Property Type, and a Property Description.

Any information entered in the fields within this section will be visible on the property website. Remember to click the Save Details button at the bottom of this section after inputting the information.



Below is a sneak peek of how the property website details will be presented on the actual property website.


Add Captions to Images

To include captions with your images, navigate to the listing page for the property. Scroll down to the Images tab and click to access your uploaded images.

Under each image, there's an optional "Caption" text box. Click it under the image you want to caption, type your description, or choose from suggested captions. After updating the captions for your selected images, click "Save" to apply the changes.

Added captions on the listing page, but can't find them on the property website? To ensure captions are visible, go to the property website editor and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Image Gallery section and expand it.
  2. Check the box labeled "Show Captions."
  3. Save your changes.

The captions will be displayed below the images on the property website.


Update Property Address

If you need to update a Property Address, add a unit number, or adjust the pin location for a new listing, follow these simple steps. Start by going to your property's listing page and find the "Update Address" button in the Quick Actions section.

Below the autofill address, enter address details such as street, city, latitude, and longitude manually. You can also add unit or apartment numbers here. If necessary, move the pin on the map to update the Latitude and Longitude for this address.


Note: If this address is already linked to a listing, modifying these details might impact existing links to property sites.


Hiding Images from the Gallery

Got an image you want to exclude from your Gallery? No worries! You can easily hide it while still keeping the photo in your collection.

Visit the listing page for the property and navigate to the Images tab.

Beside each image, you'll find a checkbox labeled "Gallery." Uncheck it to remove the image from your gallery, and remember to save your changes. If you change your mind and want the image back in the gallery, you can click the checkbox again to add it back.


Rearranging Images

Want to change the sequence of images in your listing gallery? Here's how:

Navigate to the Images tab by scrolling down on the listing page, and then click the Rearrange button.

Use the sliding tool to resize images on your screen. You can easily drag and drop images to rearrange them as needed. Once satisfied with the new order, click the Save button to save your updates.

Hold down the Shift key to move multiple photos simultaneously and select the images you want to move. Drag and drop them to your preferred location.

Enhance your order and listing experience by downloading our mobile APP, available for both IOS and Android.

Getting the app is easy. Visit the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store. With the app, you can conveniently place orders, manage listings, and handle invoices all in one place.

Ready to dive in? You've got options:

  • Scan the friendly QR code below that suits your phone's system requirements.
  • Or if tapping's more your style, just click on this IOS LINK for Apple devices and this Android LINK for Android devices.


Our app is here to make things smoother for you. Happy exploring!